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True Testimonials from People Who Have Used The Healing Codes

Following are the true stories of people who report being healed of remarkable (and not so remarkable) issues, including more about Tracey Loyd, Dr. Ben Johnson, my own story, and others who have used The Healing Code technology.

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How It All Started: Tracey Loyd's Story ...

The Healing Codes were discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd after a 12-year search for a cure for his wife, Tracey's, depression. (To read the whole story from the book excerpt, click here.) Here is Tracey (who later changed her name to Hope), talking about what happened after that fateful plane ride when her husband discovered The Healing Codes.


The Healing Code and Health Issues ... 

  "I Should Already Be Dead..." 

 "I should already be dead," says Dr. Ben Johnson, the co-founder of the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic. 

  Dr. Johnson had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, an incurable motor neuron disease that attacks the nerves and muscles, and is usually fatal.  He considered it a death sentence -- far worse than cancer or AIDS -- because 80% of people who suffer from the disease die within 5 years, and no one ever survives for 10 years.  He was already entering his third year, and he was suffering from severe fatigue, constant muscle fasiculations (twitching of the muscles), and his voice was so weak he could barely speak.  As a doctor, he was certain that death was imminent. 

  Then he heard about a seminar for a new healing technology called The Healing Codes that was being conducted by Dr. Alex Loyd.  Here's the rest of Dr. Ben Johnson's amazing story in his own words:

  "I was impressed with the testimonials (about The Healing  Codes); but, they weren't nearly as important to me as the scientific explanation of how what appeared to be miracles could take place.  I began to use The Healing Codes.  I used what's referred to as the 'fast start program.'  Six weeks later and there were still no results.  Then over the next two weeks, all symptoms disappeared.  I went back to the lab. No trace of Lou Gehrig's Disease could be found.

  "I resigned from the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic I helped found and began working with Dr. Loyd to investigate this phenomenon and help spread this technology to the world."

-- Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD

  My Own Story ...  

  "PFO (Hole in Heart) Closed Up" 


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 In September 2007 I had a TIA (mini-stroke). I had started doing The Healing Codes three months prior. Thankfully, I recovered quickly from the TIA, but of course they did all kinds of tests to discern the cause.

  They decided (from some spots on the brain shown by an MRI) that I'd had another undetected TIA, and that the cause was a PFO--Patent Foramen Ovale, or hole between the chambers of the heart. This had caused unfiltered blood to move up to the brain, which resulted in the TIAs.

  Apparently PFOs used to be routinely closed up by inserting a small device to "plug" the hole. However, the FDA had decided that this procedure was no longer allowed. Medication (Plavix and aspirin) was the new protocol. Many doctors don't agree with this solution, and were trying to get the device approved again. The Director of the Stroke Program of the Neurosciences Institute at Central Dupage Hospital and the head of the Heart Hospital at Edwards Hospital in Illinois asked if I would be willing to be part of a clinical trial. I said yes, and got in the "device" group.

  Meanwhile I continued doing The Healing Codes. I told the medical people that I realized they probably would ignore what I was going to say, and they would probably think I'm crazy, but if perchance when they got in to insert the device the hole was not what they expected, I have been doing something called The Healing Codes, and it's possible the hole might close up as a result. I had heard so many amazing testimonials of the results of doing THC that I figured it was at least possible.

  Of course they paid no attention. I went in for the clinical   trial procedure in January 2008. When I woke up and asked how it went, my husband told me that the hole was way too small for the device, and I was booted out of the clinical trial!

  I'm sure it was an embarrassment to the medical people.   But the head of the Edwards Heart Hospital, Dr. McKeever, did ask for information on The Healing Codes in my follow-up visit. He said, "In my entire career, I've only heard of three or four spontaneous closings of a PFO."

  The doctors still wanted to know what caused the TIA. They figured it was arteriovenous malformations in the lungs. Tested that. Result: "AVMs were too small to be seen."

  My own doctor (who has MD and DO degrees) translated for me: "Diane, that means they're not there." She got The Healing Codes, saying there's no other explanation for my story but that The Healing Codes worked.

  I've continued doing this simple protocol for four years now. I am off most of my medications (I was taking the Plavix and medications for asthma, allergies, overactive bladder, acid reflux). My bone density test showed added bone mass (which my doctor said was remarkable). I can go on and on about the emotional results, too, but I'll quit here. --Diane Eble

Testimonials from Other People Using the Protocol in The Healing Code 

Doing The Healing Code for Someone Else

 " My cousin's wife, who was sent home (to die) on morphine, and with two MacMillan Cancer nurses to tend her, believes her amazing recovery is due to my doing the The Healing Code for her daily. It seems to have totally resurrected her immune system in a matter of about 6 weeks. She is now miraculously well after a year-long illness mainly in hospital She is on no drugs at all.

"Another little miracle for you. My blood tests are 6-monthly, but for the past 6 months I've had at least three extra. For years I've had a high Urea level, and never able to lower it. The surgeon even classed me as having CKD. Today's results were amazing! Only two are just one point off  line, all the others smack in the middle. However, to my great delight, the urea level is lower than it's been for very many years. By doing The Healing Code daily? A secret for you --I am 85 years of age, so it can't be anything else!"--Dilys, UK


Cancer, Neurological Problems, Depression

  I was diagnosed with cancer, neurological disorders and depression. With the Code, slowly the problems went away. Our bodies are programmed to reboot like computers given the right actions. Thank you.—Anisti

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

    I was one of the most successful in the United States in my field until I developed severe symptoms and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. After two years I was mostly bedfast, in constant pain, on numerous medications, and without hope. After doing The Healing Code exercises for six months, I am: off all medications, am totally free of an incurable disease, feel better than I did before I was diagnosed, and am working again. In short I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!—Patty


  Let me say how happy I am with the Codes. I almost instantly changed my sleep pattern. I have had problems with insomnia on and off almost my whole life and I now sleep better and harder than I ever have before. I keep doing the Codes and trust that this will heal the other problems I have as well.—Helle 

The Healing Codes and Emotional Issues ...


Abandonment Issues

    Within the few weeks I’ve been working with The Healing Codes, I’ve changed, now feeling free to talk to people and express my own opinion. That might sound insignificant for some, but for me it is a big step. I’ve dealt with an abandonment issue all my life, always worrying that if I say something, others might not like it and leave me, ignore me, or just not hear or see me—a fear of being invisible to others. Healing this belief makes a big difference in my daily life.—Therese

  I struggled with perfectionism for years. Everything I said was sprinkled with disclaimers. I worried that people were always judging me. After finding a picture related to my perfectionism, I used the exercises to heal that belief. What a difference. I am not afraid to speak out and say what I believe. —Lucy

Video Testimonials

Note: I have met several of these people personally, and can attest to the authenticity of their healing. Dr. Ben Johnson is the first person featured. (It's now been 6 years since he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.) 

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