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The Spiritual Laws of Nature

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  Featuring Dr. Alex Loyd, coauthor (with Dr. Ben Johnson) of

The Healing Code

Every Wednesday at 2:00pm EST
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Every week Dr. Alex Loyd shares an inspiring "Spiritual Law of Nature"

and Healing Codes Practitioner JoHanna Chan gives several people a Custom Healing Code for their particular issue, on the spot. (NOTE: You must have The Healing Code book or system in order to get into the queue for a custom Healing Code.)

AND Dr. Loyd answers questions about The Healing Codes. Ask your question here.

Can't make the live call but want to hear the recording? Sign up at to get access to past recordings.  (Click on "Events" then "The Cutting Edge" and register to become a member.)

Sample Cutting Edge call, which I (Diane Eble) hosted, to give you a taste of what these calls are like. This was one of my favorite calls, as Dr. Loyd talked about some fascinating research on brain-damaged children. You also get a sample of a coaching session, with JoHanna Chan.

Topic: "You are a Genius!"


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