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Welcome to the Heart Issues Finder!

Please take 10 minutes to pinpoint the issues of your heart. It may be the most important 10 minutes
you have spent in a long time.


Because what this simple test does is uncover the SOURCE of whatever issues you have so you can begin the journey to healing your issues.

Before we take you to the Heart Issues Finder itself, take a moment to identify the issue that is bothering you most at this point.

What is your most pressing personal issue? (health, relationship, success)


Type your answer into the box below (no one will see this but you).




Whatever your issue is, you are about the find and heal the source of it ....



A Note from Dr. Alex Loyd, coauthor of The Healing Code and creator of the Heart Issues Finder


Dear Friend,


I am so glad you made it to this page, because this may well be the moment for you when everything begins to change.


Whatever issue you identified above, I believe in just a few minutes from now, you can begin to find and heal not the symptoms of your issue, but the source.


Solomon identified that source 3000 years ago, when he said, "Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow all the issues of life."


Now, modern science is catching up with Scripture. Modern medical schools and experts have been doing independent research and finding that almost any problem and its solution are in the issues of the heart. They are calling the issues of the heart:

  • Unconscious mind 
  • Subconscious mind 
  • Beliefs 
  • Emotions 
  • Thoughts 
  • Cellular Memories 

For instance, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stanford Medical School Ph.D. and researcher wrote that our heart issues (he identifies them as our beliefs) are the source of almost 100% of illness and disease, and if you heal the heart issue even genetic issues can heal.

Similarly, a medical school in Dallas recently reported research that healing the issues of the heart (they identify them as cellular memories) is our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future.

And similar research is coming out faster than we can keep track of it.

If you compare what Solomon was calling “issues of the heart” with what these cutting edge scientists are discovering – THEY ARE THE SAME THING!

And there is a way to address them and heal them!


It starts with diagnosing the issues of the heart, which are often hidden to our awareness.


That's why I developed the Heart Issues Finder.


During my doctoral program in psychology, I began looking for a tool to find and assess the issues of the heart, and found that there was none. So I decided to develop one, using my training in psychmetrics and psychology and a team of experts, including computer programmers. It took us 16 years to develop this tool.


To our knowledge, it is the only assessment in the world that accurately identifies the issues of the heart so that you can finally begin to heal the true source of your issues.


Take the Heart Issues Finder!

Enter your name and email address below. You will be taken to the Heart Issues Finder and will also receive further suggestions and tips for using The Healing Codes from me, Diane Eble, as well as from The Healing Codes organization. (You may unsubscribe from either list at any time.) For instance, I will help you know how to do the universal Healing Code from the book (including a video demonstration) and give you tips on exactly how to use your Heart Issues Finder results to start healing right away! I'll also send periodic suggestions on how to get more out of The Healing Codes, answers to FAQs, research that sheds light on how The Healing Code works, and more!




The Heart Issues Finder is NOT:

  • A diagnostic test for physical health issues 
  • A personality assessment 
  • A depression, anxiety, or mental health instrument 
  • A career or giftings survey 
  • A relationship tool 

The Heart Issues Finder IS:

A tool to diagnose the issues of your spiritual and emotional heart – the source of your problems and their solution!

We believe, from our testing and feedback, that it diagnoses not only the issues you know about, but also the ones you don’t know about.

A woman who took the test told me that it pinpointed the source of her life-long problem – and identified something she would never have thought was the source. In years of seeking and counseling, no one else had ever identified the source. She remarked that it was such a relief just to know a reason – and she was now confident she could heal the problem.

What will the Heart Issues Finder do for you?

The Heart Issues Finder takes about 10 minutes.

You receive around 12 pages of in-depth results.

Your results include a scored assessment of every major heart issue in your life in each of the Twelve Categories of heart issues. (If you have The Healing Code book or Manual for the Healing Codes system, you know what those categories are.)

As you pinpoint the issues of your heart, you will know what needs to be healed, and in what order.

For now, it’s FREE ($99 value).

You may want to take the Heart Issues Finder to determine your baseline for issues you need to heal, then re-take it later on to track your improvement – FOR FREE. You can take it as often as you like. You will be able to track your progress by doing so.

As you heal your heart issues, you should find other issues--including teh one you wrote down above--healed along with them. (The Healing Code explains exactly how this works.)

You can share the Heart Issues Finder with your friends – FOR FREE! (Just tell them to go to www.HeartIssuesFinder.com.)

Take the Heart Issues Finder and start your healing journey now! Fill in your name and email below and start the journey of healing your Heart--and whatever issues are connected to it!


Alex Loyd

Note from Diane Eble, Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner:

After you take the Heart Issues Finder, your report will come in the form of a web page. It will not be saved. So I advise you to copy and paste the whole page into a Word or other text document (plain text will strip the formatting), to keep for reference and print out. 

Find YOUR Heart Issues Now 

Take the Heart Issues Finder