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Make Mother's Day a Happy Day with the Gift of Healing


Mother's Day is a day to honor Mom (or perhaps your wife), and what better way to do that than to give the gift of healing?

Perhaps it's an illness or disease

Or a relationship issue.

Or a success issue, such as inability to find our keep a job.

Or perhaps YOU'RE the one with the mothering issue.

Maybe you need healing for your own relationship with your mother.

Or healing for your relaitonship with your child.

Or, perhaps you lost a child ... or grieve over never being a mother.

Whatever the heart issue concerning mothering in your life, I would like to offer a special price for a custom Healing Code  to heal it.

You may give this gift in a number of ways.

You may get a custom code to do for your loved one yourself. (See my article on "healing by proxy.")

You may buy a custom code session and have them interact with me.

You may get the session alone, or if the person does not own the book, you may give them the book and session.

Feel free to order a session not only for your mom or wife, but also one for yourself. There is no limit on the number of custom codes you can order during this special sale, which expires on Saturday, May 7.

Custom Code with Book

the healing code book image1. Order the book and custom coding session, have the book shipped to them, and have them get a custom code for their issue to do for him or herself. In this special offer, you are essentially getting the book free (since one custom coding session usually costs $45).

This works if you think the person is open to doing The Healing Code, and has expressed an interest. Perhaps they've seen changes in you since you've used The Healing Code on yourself, and would be open to reading the book and doing the Code.

2. Order the book and have it shipped to the person, and have me give you the custom code for them. Then you would do it on their behalf, as it explains in the book and Healing Codes Manual that comes with The Healing Codes system.

Requesting a Healing Code and doing it for someone else is a marvelous loving act that will benefit you as well. Dr. Alex Loyd says the Codes are more powerful when someone else does them for another. Both people benefit.

Special Gift Price: book + Custom Coding $45 + shipping* Note: If you live overseas, use this link to order the book. Order the Custom Coding separately. We can do a Custom Coding session IF you can do Skype. Or you may call me.

order book + custom code USE COUPON CODE 52011BCC

*Note: Book is sent Priority Mail, so it gets there quickly.

Custom Codes Only

If you already have The Healing Code book and/or The Healing Codes system and just want to order Custom Coding sessions, you may order one for the special sale price of  $35.00. USE COUPON CODE 52011MD.

Again, you may have your loved one get the Code from me, or you can get the Code and do it on their behalf.

You may order a custom coding session for yourself as well, of course. If your order is a gift, please indicate in "special instructions" that you want to give this to someone else. I will be in touch with you as to how we proceed.

Special Sale Price: $35 per session

order book + custom code USE COUPON CODE 52011MD

So far, I have been doing The Healing Code and mainly applying it to others. For instance, my cousin's wife, who was sent home (to die) on morphine, and with two MacMillan Cancer nurses to tend her. She is 85 years of age, and had spent 4 months in hospital before Christmas, then went back in 17 times over the past 6 months. She was seen by at least 3 consultants as well as all the other general practitioners and hospital doctors, had several scans, X-Rays, antibiotics, specialty clinic tests, gastroscopy, and was told she had an aneurysm, and that she was a very sick person.
All of her blood counts were totally haywire, she had a severe ear infection, a bruised eardrum, double vision, breathlessness, dizziness, insomnia, elevated BP, severe constipation, and several other symptoms during her hospital stay that I can not remember right now. Her mouth and throat were very ulcerated and there was a large lump at the back of her gullet. She was only able to take fluid food for months.
She was then told she had inoperable esophageal cancer, and accepted that she was going to die. She had a follow-up examination and went to see an ear nose and throat consultant several weeks later. He has since seen her three times, made various tests, and finally said a few weeks ago that he can find no trace of cancer anywhere in her body.

She believes her amazing recovery is due to my doing The Healing Code for her daily. It seems to have totally resurrected her immune system in a matter of about 6 weeks.. She is on no drugs at all, and is eating everything, and eating well.
The last two ulcers faded away last Thursday. Her hearing has improved and her eyesight also, she had lost 3 stone in weight, but has already increased her weight by 5 pounds. She now says she feels very well, and is totally amazed at how quickly she has recovered. Doreen puts it all down to The Healing Code I've been doing for her. --Dilys, UK